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Bringing your brands story to life

Our Story

Treeboy Productions started with the idea of shining a light on the people who matter to us in the community. We have those precious moments that come and go through our lives and most of us choose to live them through the lens of a phone. We are trying to create a society where people can enjoy life's greatest moments in person, while letting us capture the moment. 

Quinn Kumfer established Treeboy Productions in 2019 and has been working his way through rural Indiana trying to bring stories to life. What started as a small video production company grew in to a full marketing agency and Treeboy Productions as we know it was born. 




CEO and Founder

My passion for telling stories and showcasing the people I care about drove me to start Treeboy Productions. I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of those close to me.

We can help your business tell it's story

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